Is There A Reason for A “Social Media Expert?”

Is there really a reason why businesses should hire a social media expert? Do they really contribute anything that could not have been done otherwise? In my opinion, no. I think that almost anyone can learn how to use social media and to hire someone specifically for that job who does not have any marketing experience or knowledge of the company and its customers  would be a mistake. If a business chooses to have a strong social media presence and uses sites like Twitter and Facebook to reach it’s customers, it should be done by someone who knows the right things to say to market the product. In fact, the use of social media to market at all should only be done if research shows that a large percentage of the companies target audience is active on social media sites.

Now don’t get me wrong. I do agree with using social media as a tool for marketing. Social media has grown hugely in the past years with millions of users all around the world. Even though it is used by all ages, for the most part the majority of sites are geared towards the younger crowd. If your target audience falls into the young adult demographic, social media can be quite handy when reaching out to your customers. However, I don’t think it should be used in place of more traditional and substantial marketing. The use of social media can either be excelling or detrimental to a company’s image.

I actually had a talk with my boss today about using social media to market. I am a receptionist at a local hair salon. My boss has been trying to think of ways to get more business and many of the employees suggested posting more on the business social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Even though we currently have active accounts on these sites, they have been poorly kept. One person suggested bringing in a young outsider who is looking for a part time job who can post daily updates and pictures. Again, hiring someone with no marketing experience specifically for the job as “social media expert,” is not the best idea and completely unnecessary. Since I am currently in school pursuing a degree in Strategic Communication and advertising and marketing is what I learn about everyday, the job has be assigned to me. I am not a “social media expert” but I am capable of reaching our target audience through social media.


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