Brands forced to adapt to Facebook changes

There’s no question that Facebook rapidly became a hot spot for companies to advertise and market. It is a popular social media site that allows for back and forth conversation as well as video and link sharing. Many businesses have created a Facebook page where they can post information and updates on new things they are working on. They also encourage their customers or fans to ask questions through the page which some users find easier than doing so through their central hub or other mediums. But lately there has been more backlash towards these brands on Facebook.

In the AdAge article, “Why People Unfriend Your Brand on Facebook,” the author gives some examples of why people “unlike” these pages. One reason is boring content and not very engaging with the audience. I would have to agree if these statements. In the beginning of my time on Facebook (before I deactivated my account), I “liked” quite a few company’s pages and some local business that I was familiar with. I noticed the past year or two that I didn’t see much interactions from the companies I had on my Facebook. Most of the time I forgot I had “liked” their pages because they did not do anything to keep my attention. However, I did start to see more ads on my timeline but they were from companies not on my “friends” list. I am now aware that Facebook will be limiting these posts on people’s timelines and that business will now have to pay for page promotion.

This changes things for the way businesses now have to approach Facebook. To grow my Facebook audience I would concentrate on bringing awareness to the Facebook page through other projects in the marketing mix. I would tie it together by mentioning the page and the link in all the other ads such as commercials and magazine ads that are being produced anyways that way your audience knows about the Facebook page to begin with. Then once you bring them to your page, you have to keep them interested. In light of the study in the AdAge article, the content shared on Facebook and other social media sites obviously needs to be more entertaining. I would make sure the tone of the interactions is lighthearted and sometimes humorous so that people enjoy visiting the page and asking questions. I would also incorporate more multimedia such as pictures and videos.


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