The Uses of Twitter

I do have an active Twitter account. I don’t post everyday but I typically post about two or three times a week. I personally like Twitter because I believe it keeps it simple. Having a limited character count allows for people to only share short messages. I like this because I think it prevents a lot of the drama and long boring stories that get shared on other social media such as Facebook. I like that it is also a way to connect with your favorite celebrities. Many celebrities are on Twitter now a days and post about what is going on in their life. If gives the opportunity to interact with them on a personal level. I also really like Twitter as a source for news. When I hear about something going on in the world from some other source, I always turn to Twitter to get more information. I like to be able to go to news accounts and read immediate updates as well as find links to the full story. I’ve also come to notice that many people use Twitter to comment and share their opinions on different news stories which I also really like because I find it interesting to see the different point of views.

Monitoring news is probably my main reason for using Twitter. Very few of my close friends have a Twitter so I don’t use it very much for talking with friends and I don’t really use it to talk to random people. I feel like Twitter is very impersonal and allows you to follow and get follows from people you don’t know at all.  I think Twitter could definitely work as a “news broadcasting” network. The immediate nature of Twitter makes it perfect for breaking news and constant updates. Being able to post links is also valuable. I think CNN uses Twitter effectively to get news out to the world and in a timely manner.

The one thing I don’t like about Twitter is the spam. There are so many fake accounts on Twitter that it is very hard to determine who is real and who is fake. There are also a lot of fake ads that lead to fake or unreliable websites. Most of the time, my timeline consists of the same posts over and over again from fake accounts that get retweeted and end up on my timeline. This makes it hard to see posts from the people I follow and really care about. All the spam can get very annoying and exhausting.


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