Red Bull

Red Bull is a company that uses social media very well. They are spread out over numerous social media sites, not only Facebook, but Instagram and YouTube as well. Most of the content posted on their Facebook and Instagram is not even of their products. They use them to post photos of events and sporting events that they sponsor and go along with their brand image. Red Bull also has a large Twitter following but again they mostly post videos and photos of things about events and athletes that they sponsor rather than promoting their actual products.

YouTube is another one that they are very popular on. They like to post action videos that promote and support their brand image and the personality they want to portray which is very active and young. Because the company likes to share videos, Snap Chat is another fairly new form of social media that makes sense for Red Bull to join. They use Snap Chat as an opportunity to show case some of the athletes they sponsor and to share some of the things they do their story.

One thing Red Bull doesn’t do much of on their social media sites is answer questions from fans and consumers. Compared to other companies, they respond very little to people posting on their sites and content. I think this is a mistake on their part. Social media provides a good opportunity to interact with the audience to reach them on a personal level. It also encourages feedback and helps build a better relationship with the consumer. Not responding doesn’t help build trust. If I worked for Red Bull, I would increase the amount of activity on their Facebook and Twitter accounts by producing more interaction with the people who visit the websites.

I really like the way Red Bull markets because I think they have a good sense of who their target audience is and how to reach them. I think all of their social media sites are well connected and have a common theme which helps the flow of their advertising. I like that they have a presence on site that I too am active on so that I can easily find them and look at any updates or events that they are involved in. I feel like their social media sites share the same tone as their other advertisements which creates a nice balance.


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