This week I took a look at Geoff Livingston’s blog, SXSW is Dead, Long Live SXSW! When looking for a blog to read and analyze for my blog this week, this one caught my eye. I know SXSW was going on this past week because I had friends who attended it like they have for the past four years. Though I have never been, I’m aware of the event and what it is but I didn’t know exactly the full story of what goes on at SXSW until I read Geoff’s blog.

I always thought it was just a music festival like Cochella. I thought it was purely about music and showcasing new and upcoming artists. I didn’t know that it is also about technology, networking, media, and branding. According to Geoff, “SXSW is about the Internet, and how various media and industries are adapting to it.” I had no idea that it was a place to market apps and new innovations in technology as well as hold conferences educating on various topics.

The main argument of Geoff’s blog is that “SXSW is dead… For social media experts.” He explains that when SXSW first started out, social media was a big part of it and many social media experts attended. Now they find the conference “unappealing.” He makes the point that social networking, even though a big part of the internet, is no longer an exciting topic and the festival now offers so many other internet industries. Social media is just one individual industry among all these newer and more popular industries.

I liked this blog because it helped me to see a different side of SXSW. It looks past the music and performances and takes a look at the deeper purpose behind the festival. I would have to say, I both agree and disagree with Geoff. Even though I have never attended a SXSW and therefore have not seen how it has changed over the years, I can agree that social media and social networking has become less of a special topic compared to other newer internet industries. However, I still think the festival has a place for social media experts. Social media played a big part in making SXSW what it is and I don’t believe it is going anywhere anytime soon. Social media is still very much relevant but it is important to adapt in order to stay relevant.


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