Compelling Content

I would say most of the content my friends and I look at, falls into the funny category. I like to look at a lot of funny stories or videos of funny moments that were caught on camera. When it comes to sharing content on social media sites, I consider if the content is funny or not before posting it. I will only share t if I find the subject matter humorous and think others will as well. Another content category that I find myself looking at often is commentary or targeted. For me personally I am very interested in news stories and what is going on in the world. I enjoy reading about new things and staying updated on the latest events. These are the main categories that attract my attention but every now and then I do find myself being intrigued by a list and needing to read it.

As for types of content, I am not really a fan of blogs. I’ve never gone searching for a blog and never really saw the use for them. I prefer videos or photos when it comes to the type of content I like to look at. If the content I am interested in looking at has a video to go with it, it makes it a lot more appealing to me and I am more likely to share it on social media. I feel like videos explain better and get to the point faster. I find them more entertaining as apposed to blogs which I don’t think are very entertaining and don’t appeal to me very much. I know that blogs can also include videos or photographs now but when I think of blogs, all I think about is a lot of reading. To me, blogs are one person’s opinions and thoughts on a subject. When I want to know about something, I rather have facts and not a bias opinion. I have read blog that I enjoyed but they were written by professionals who knew what they were talking about and who’s opinion I respect. For a blog to be interesting to me it would obviously have to be about something I’m interested in, have some sort of visual aid, and be written by someone who’s ideals and thoughts were smart as well as entertaining.


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