Monster and Rockstar vs. Red Bull

I previously wrote a blog about how Red Bull uses social media. Red Bull is a company that uses social media very well. They use numerous social media sites including Facebook and Twitter.  Most of the content they post on their social media sites are photos and videos of events and sporting events that they sponsor that go along with their brand image. Red Bulls biggest competitors are a couple of other very popular energy drinks; Rockstar and Monster. Monster uses social media in a very similar way to Red Bull. Monster is spread out over multiple social media platforms but they are most active on Facebook and Twitter just like Red Bull is. The content is also about the same, focusing more on extreme sporting events than product promotion. This type of content is good for the company because it promotes the type of brand image that the company wants and fits well with the product they are selling. One thing I found Monster doing wrong is not fully utilizing the social media network that their audience is most active on. Monster post most frequently on Twitter but their fans engage the most on Instagram. This is a huge missed opportunity. They should focus most of their time and content on the channel that their fans are most drawn to.

Rockstar does about the same posting on the same social media sites as Monster and Red Bull. They are very active on Twitter and are good at creating “hashtags” and responding to questions. I think out of the three brands, Rockstar does the best when it comes to answering questions from fans on Twitter since this is a particular weak spot for Red Bull. However, I still think Red Bull uses social media the best. When you compare the data, Red Bull beats out it’s competitors in engagement on social media. A big part of this comes from the videos that the brand posts which see a lot of activity from fans. On Facebook and Twitter, Red Bull receives a substantially larger amount of shares, likes, and retweets on its posts than Monster. All three of these brands are very similar in many different aspects and they all use social media to post similar content. I think the fact that Red Bull has more engagement on social media comes down to the pure fact that the company has been around longer and has a larger customer base.


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