Influence Marketing

I found a great blog titled “grow” by Mark W. Schaefer. The blog focuses on marketing and social media.  I read one in particular that I found very interesting. It’s titled “It’s not a pitch, it’s a person. The super powers of influence marketing” by Dr. Konstanze Alex Brown, {grow} Community Member. This piece discusses the idea of having an “influencer” to help market a product or idea. An influencer is someone who knows the topic and has an opinion that others value and will listen to. The job of the influencer is also to provide a connection with the audience on a more personal level. “I need to feel amazing after reading or watching the content. I need this experience to be human, visionary, and trustworthy,” Dr. Konstanze Alex Brown.

Brown does a good job explaining what makes a great influencer. They should have a large presence on social media which indicates that they earned the trust of many people and that they want to hear what that person has to say. Not just anybody can be an influencer. They have to be able to inspire action which is not an easy task and is hard to do without trust. Brown sums up a good influencer by saying, “The good influencers out there have great knowledge in a particular field, know how to curate that knowledge, add their unique vision and value, and they know how to communicate with their audiences.

I agree with Brown that a good influencer is key to social media marketing today. I think having someone talk positively about your product enhances its success especially when that someone knows the topic and is highly respected with the power to influence others. When I first read this blog post, it made me think of celebrity endorsements. I feel like this is very similar to the use of influencers. The difference between the two is that influencers are supposed to be knowledgeable on the topic they are curating on and this is not always the case with celebrity endorsements. However, celebrities do have the ability to reach a large audience as well as the power to influence that audience. By Dr. Konstanze Alex Brown makes some good points about how valuable and effective influencers can be in social media marketing.


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