As a senior who is about to graduate in 2 weeks, now’s the time to start reaching out to potential employers as well as professionals in my field of study. Since my future goal is to move to Las Vegas, NV, the audience I am trying to make contact with is mostly in that area. Because I plan on moving to Vegas, I am making an effort to interact online with big companies like the MGM Hotel and Resort and other large hotels and casinos that could be potential employers.

Some of the platforms that I find to be a good and direct way to reach this audience are Twitter and Linkedin. I have been on Twitter for a few years now but I have always used it for more social interactions with friends than anything else. As well as following celebrities and keeping up with news stories around the world. It wasn’t until recently that I started to realize that I could use Twitter as a medium to network and get my name out to people that could be helpful to my career in the future. I started following the accounts of companies I would like to work for as well as professionals in the social media and marketing industry who have similar jobs to the ones I am interested in.

I was told by many people to make a Linkedin account because I am about to graduate and looking for a job. I was told Linkedin is a great platform for networking with people of all different industries and places. I haven’t had to much interaction on it yet but again I “linked” with some of the companies in Vegas that I would like to work at and have started to like a share some of their posts. In addition to doing this, I have filled out my information on my profile including skills and contact information so that potential employers can reach me as well. I am also focusing on reaching out to acquaintances and friends of friends who might know of jobs or have connections that could be relevant to my future.


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