Viva Las Vegas

The topic of this blog post is the city of Las Vegas, more specifically living in the city of Las Vegas. My plans for after graduation are to move to Las Vegas and start a career in marketing. I fell in love with Las Vegas after going there on vacation a few years back. I love everything about it, from the big bright lights of the strip, to the palm trees on the side of the road. This city has held a special place in my heart for a long time and has been my motivation to graduate school so that I can finally pack up my things and head that way. I do have personal reasons why I want to relocate to Las Vegas, mostly to be closer to friends and family that live out there, but there are also logical reasons like my career. I am a Strategic Communications major and hoping to start a career in marketing and advertising. What better city is there for this career field than Vegas?! Vegas is all about promotion and entertainment. This is what I’m interested in. This is what I want to be apart of.

I found a blog titled “A Survivor’s Guide to Living in Las Vegas. I found this blog post quite entertaining and humorous. It’s actually the opposite of my feelings towards Sin City. The author of the blog explains how he NEVER wanted to live in Las Vegas and has a strong dislike for the city. He writes,”The unrestrained consumerism, the appeal to the basest of the human desires, the tacky casinos that mimic faraway European cities, the green lawns in the desert, the countless strip malls, the cookie cutter neighborhoods, the rude folks at the 7-11, the lack of smiles from strangers on the street, the repressive heat of a desert summer, the cloud of smog simmering over the valley, the layer of grime soiling the city…Ok, I’ll stop.” Needless to say I did not like this part of the post but I would have to agree with some of it. Vegas is very different from other places and it takes some getting used to but some people actually strive in chaotic, crazy, extreme environments and I might just be one of those people.


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