Building an Effective Website

Branding is essantial for any company if they want to be successful and have an edge in the market. Branding goes hand in hand with marketing and is equally as important when it comes to selling a product or idea. BrandInsightBlog is a branding blog that offers advice and ideas for branding your business. I read a post from this blog titled, How to create a website that works for your brand by John Furgurson. This particular post focuses on branding through your companies website.

Ferguson says it is possible to have  a “branded” website and still sell products. “You really can have a website that performs well AND presents a strong brand message.” I agree with John on this thought. I think if you do it right, a website can deliver a message that represents the brand image as well as induce purchases and customer activity. He goes on to explain the 4 critical elements of website design and effective web development that works for both branding and selling.

1. A concept.

Like Furgurson, I agree that a concept is the foundation for any website and is an essential element. The concept through words, images, and technical features create a first impression that can with capture the audiences attention or loose it immediately.

2. A clear call to action

This is a clear idea of what action you want the audience to do.These actions will lead them around the website and to the place you as a company want them to go.

3. Differentiating elements

Separating yourself from your competition is the best thing you can do in any situation. Especially in marketing. According to Ferguson, “A good story is your best differentiating element. As the old saying goes, facts tell but stories sell,” I think he makes a very good point. Stories are unique and help make the experience more personal as well as interesting. John mentions the idea of using a game as a differentiating element. I have seen this concept before and I agree it can be effective if it is appropriate or relevant for that particular  brand.

4. Reasons to believe

Here it mentions incorporating facts and market research to back up claims as well as testimonials and customer reviews. I think this is an important section to include in the website. I am one of those people who likes to read reviews from previous customers to help with making my decision. Reading these facts along with comments from actual people that reinforce the facts, can have a huge impact on peoples decision. Like John says, “People make emotional decisions, but they often need facts to justify what they’ve already decided.”

A company’s website should both be “branded” as well as aimed towards the consumer market and these 4 main elements are all needed to work together in achieving the best design to do this.


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