What Does it Mean to Be a Professional?

To me a professional is someone who is knowledgeable and experienced on a specific topic. It is someone who has earned the trust of others and the right to be called a professional. With the technology we have now, it is easier for people to take on the role and jobs of a professional. Technology has made it so you can work from almost any where and still provide a service. But these people might not always be the most professional. Even though it is easier to access the professional world today in the 21st century, and sometimes it doesn’t take quite as much education to be considered a “professional,” I would still describe a professional as being knowledgeable, respectful, and abides by the rules put in place for them.

A professional is expected to uphold a certain level of standards. This is a very important quality of a true professional. This is how trust is earned. A professional should always act in a professional manner and be cautious of who could be watching. When an employer or client is looking for a potential prospect, they look at that person’s reputation and how professionally they act and react in situations. A person’s reputation and character are closely related to their professionalism. You can tell a lot about how professional a person is by how they act in their every day lives. A professional will always have their profession in mind when making certain decisions.

As someone who is going to be entering the professional world very soon, this is an important concept to remember. For me personally, this means to always act in a professional manner especially when it comes to things like social media and other public platforms. This includes both speaking professionally and interacting with people of the same standards that I myself want to be associated with. You can still have a personal life but you should remember that what you do in your personal life can and will reflect on your professional life. There should be a separation between the two. Part of what it means to be a professional is keeping your own personal opinions and beliefs out of your work.


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