What it’s Like to Be a Social Media Specialist


The topic of this blog post by Sarah Mincher is the job of a social media specialist. This is the job and career that I want to pursue once I have graduated from school. I have to admit that up until a couple months ago, I did not know there was such a thing as a social media specialist. Of course I knew of social media and the use of social media for marketing but I didn’t know some organizations hire someone specifically to handle their social media content.

I decided about 2 years ago, a little more than half way through my college career, that I wanted to go into the marketing and advertising field. So I started taking classes to get a degree in communications which would allow me to pursue a career in that field. From these classes I learned how important a social media campaign is for organizations in this day and age with the evolution of technology being what it is. I’ve learned how to incorporate social media into a marketing strategy and how to reach your target audience. However, I didn’t learn to much about creating social media content for an organization or how an organization should interact on social media channels. Then I took a class called Social Media Topics and the contents of the class were exactly that. One of the main discussions of the class was the position of a social media specialist.

After learning about what it means to be a social media specialist and what the job entails, I was completely intrigued and know I wanted to be that person. I already have a love for social media and an interest in marketing and communicating an idea to an audience, so why not do something that combines both of these things!

In this blog, Sarah, a social media specialist, describes a typical day in her life. Reading this blog just got me even more excited for a future doing this job. I love how she starts off with “I absolutely love my job.” I can hear her enthusiasm about what she does through out the post. She definitely enjoys her job as a social media specialist and I can see why!


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