What’s Next?

I’ve had a love-hate relationship with college over the past eight years, as I think most students do. There have been a lot of emotions as well as a lot of memorable moments. But as graduation day inches closer and the journey comes to an end, I cannot wait to be done and begin a whole new journey in my life. I’ve thought a lot about my post graduation plans and as the  days go by, I’ve started to put that plan into action. Most of the steps I have started to take largely involve social media.

My first step was to create a Linkedin profile. I had heard from multiple people in the professional world that it would be a good idea to join Linkedin now that I am about to enter into this world. I was informed that it is a good source for networking and connecting with the people and businesses that could be valuable when trying to start my career and finding a job in my field. Since joining Linkedin, I have connected with top social media experts, joined social media groups, and followed a few major brands that I am interested in pursuing a career at.

I’ve also used other social media channels such as Twitter to reach out to this particular audience. I’ve searched out people that I want to start interacting with to ensure that they become familiar with my name and face. I have also tried to increase my Twitter usage as well as on my other social media sites to show that I understand social media and actively use it. Since my future career will be surrounded by social media and depend on my ability to use it, I need to prove to those potential employers that I have experience with it and know how to use it effectively. For anyone entering into the business world or looking for a new job, social media can be an easy way to get in contact with the people who can help you along the way. For me personally, as someone trying to start a career in social media, it plays an even bigger role in my pursuit of success.


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