Don’t Forget to Have Fun

Life can be hard sometimes. It’s stressful, emotional, and very complicated. Sometimes you just have to throw aside all the responsibilities and just let loose and have fun. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, life is meant for living! It’s good to be responsible but it’s also boring. You’re not going to remember the times you sat at home and did nothing. When you look back at your life all you are going to remember are the good times you shared with friends and family doing something fun whether it was just going to the movies or going on vacation to Hawaii. Fun brings happiness and joy to a persons life. Laughter is a key element of fun. It releases endorphins and gives the feeling of happiness. If you are continuously laughing and enjoying yourself, you are having fun and making memories.

You know that saying, “work hard play harder,” well it couldn’t be more true. It is important to work and accomplish goals and be successful at what ever it is that you do, but it’s equally as important to reward yourself for working so hard and doing such a good job. To much work can lead to a very unhappy and lonely life. It isolates you from the world. When you’re out experiencing something fun you are forced to interact and mingle with other people which can be very positive and uplifting for one’s spirit. Trying new things can also be very fun. Getting out of your comfort zone can be scary but it may turn out to be some of the most memorable and fun times of your life. In previous blogs I have discussed regrets and how awful it feel to live with regrets. Missing out on doing something fun can be something you regret for the rest of your life. Sometimes a bad mood or a bad day will leave you feeling like you don’t want to do anything but you shouldn’t let that stop you cause you might regret it later and once you force yourself to go out and try to have fun, it could turn your whole day around. Having a little fun can make all the difference.



Viva Las Vegas

The topic of this blog post is the city of Las Vegas, more specifically living in the city of Las Vegas. My plans for after graduation are to move to Las Vegas and start a career in marketing. I fell in love with Las Vegas after going there on vacation a few years back. I love everything about it, from the big bright lights of the strip, to the palm trees on the side of the road. This city has held a special place in my heart for a long time and has been my motivation to graduate school so that I can finally pack up my things and head that way. I do have personal reasons why I want to relocate to Las Vegas, mostly to be closer to friends and family that live out there, but there are also logical reasons like my career. I am a Strategic Communications major and hoping to start a career in marketing and advertising. What better city is there for this career field than Vegas?! Vegas is all about promotion and entertainment. This is what I’m interested in. This is what I want to be apart of.

I found a blog titled “A Survivor’s Guide to Living in Las Vegas. I found this blog post quite entertaining and humorous. It’s actually the opposite of my feelings towards Sin City. The author of the blog explains how he NEVER wanted to live in Las Vegas and has a strong dislike for the city. He writes,”The unrestrained consumerism, the appeal to the basest of the human desires, the tacky casinos that mimic faraway European cities, the green lawns in the desert, the countless strip malls, the cookie cutter neighborhoods, the rude folks at the 7-11, the lack of smiles from strangers on the street, the repressive heat of a desert summer, the cloud of smog simmering over the valley, the layer of grime soiling the city…Ok, I’ll stop.” Needless to say I did not like this part of the post but I would have to agree with some of it. Vegas is very different from other places and it takes some getting used to but some people actually strive in chaotic, crazy, extreme environments and I might just be one of those people.


As a senior who is about to graduate in 2 weeks, now’s the time to start reaching out to potential employers as well as professionals in my field of study. Since my future goal is to move to Las Vegas, NV, the audience I am trying to make contact with is mostly in that area. Because I plan on moving to Vegas, I am making an effort to interact online with big companies like the MGM Hotel and Resort and other large hotels and casinos that could be potential employers.

Some of the platforms that I find to be a good and direct way to reach this audience are Twitter and Linkedin. I have been on Twitter for a few years now but I have always used it for more social interactions with friends than anything else. As well as following celebrities and keeping up with news stories around the world. It wasn’t until recently that I started to realize that I could use Twitter as a medium to network and get my name out to people that could be helpful to my career in the future. I started following the accounts of companies I would like to work for as well as professionals in the social media and marketing industry who have similar jobs to the ones I am interested in.

I was told by many people to make a Linkedin account because I am about to graduate and looking for a job. I was told Linkedin is a great platform for networking with people of all different industries and places. I haven’t had to much interaction on it yet but again I “linked” with some of the companies in Vegas that I would like to work at and have started to like a share some of their posts. In addition to doing this, I have filled out my information on my profile including skills and contact information so that potential employers can reach me as well. I am also focusing on reaching out to acquaintances and friends of friends who might know of jobs or have connections that could be relevant to my future.

Influence Marketing

I found a great blog titled “grow” by Mark W. Schaefer. The blog focuses on marketing and social media.  I read one in particular that I found very interesting. It’s titled “It’s not a pitch, it’s a person. The super powers of influence marketing” by Dr. Konstanze Alex Brown, {grow} Community Member. This piece discusses the idea of having an “influencer” to help market a product or idea. An influencer is someone who knows the topic and has an opinion that others value and will listen to. The job of the influencer is also to provide a connection with the audience on a more personal level. “I need to feel amazing after reading or watching the content. I need this experience to be human, visionary, and trustworthy,” Dr. Konstanze Alex Brown.

Brown does a good job explaining what makes a great influencer. They should have a large presence on social media which indicates that they earned the trust of many people and that they want to hear what that person has to say. Not just anybody can be an influencer. They have to be able to inspire action which is not an easy task and is hard to do without trust. Brown sums up a good influencer by saying, “The good influencers out there have great knowledge in a particular field, know how to curate that knowledge, add their unique vision and value, and they know how to communicate with their audiences.

I agree with Brown that a good influencer is key to social media marketing today. I think having someone talk positively about your product enhances its success especially when that someone knows the topic and is highly respected with the power to influence others. When I first read this blog post, it made me think of celebrity endorsements. I feel like this is very similar to the use of influencers. The difference between the two is that influencers are supposed to be knowledgeable on the topic they are curating on and this is not always the case with celebrity endorsements. However, celebrities do have the ability to reach a large audience as well as the power to influence that audience. By Dr. Konstanze Alex Brown makes some good points about how valuable and effective influencers can be in social media marketing.

Monster and Rockstar vs. Red Bull

I previously wrote a blog about how Red Bull uses social media. Red Bull is a company that uses social media very well. They use numerous social media sites including Facebook and Twitter.  Most of the content they post on their social media sites are photos and videos of events and sporting events that they sponsor that go along with their brand image. Red Bulls biggest competitors are a couple of other very popular energy drinks; Rockstar and Monster. Monster uses social media in a very similar way to Red Bull. Monster is spread out over multiple social media platforms but they are most active on Facebook and Twitter just like Red Bull is. The content is also about the same, focusing more on extreme sporting events than product promotion. This type of content is good for the company because it promotes the type of brand image that the company wants and fits well with the product they are selling. One thing I found Monster doing wrong is not fully utilizing the social media network that their audience is most active on. Monster post most frequently on Twitter but their fans engage the most on Instagram. This is a huge missed opportunity. They should focus most of their time and content on the channel that their fans are most drawn to.

Rockstar does about the same posting on the same social media sites as Monster and Red Bull. They are very active on Twitter and are good at creating “hashtags” and responding to questions. I think out of the three brands, Rockstar does the best when it comes to answering questions from fans on Twitter since this is a particular weak spot for Red Bull. However, I still think Red Bull uses social media the best. When you compare the data, Red Bull beats out it’s competitors in engagement on social media. A big part of this comes from the videos that the brand posts which see a lot of activity from fans. On Facebook and Twitter, Red Bull receives a substantially larger amount of shares, likes, and retweets on its posts than Monster. All three of these brands are very similar in many different aspects and they all use social media to post similar content. I think the fact that Red Bull has more engagement on social media comes down to the pure fact that the company has been around longer and has a larger customer base.

Just Let It Go

There’s a lot of things that can interfere with your happiness. These can be everyday stresses that we encounter in life or personal issues that you just can’t seem to get past. The only way to get over these stressors is to just let it go. Simply let it go. There comes a certain point where you realize that the little things don’t matter and that you should not spend your life unhappy constantly dwelling on things that don’t matter in life. This includes your own negative thoughts that can build and cause stress and drama that doesn’t need to happen. Letting go of the clutter will allow you to find true happiness. Guilt for example, is a powerful emotion that can linger in your brain and prevent you from experience true happiness. I have talked about living with no regrets in a previous blog. Guilt is very similar. They both have to do with the past and letting the past effect the present. Unless you learn to accept the past and let go of these feelings, they will stay around for a long time and you will never truly experience peace.

A lot of the stress in life comes from ourselves and the constant struggle to find happiness. But in actuality, it’s this search for happiness that is preventing us from finding it. The need to have the perfect life and trying to control everything so that it is perfect all while trying to keep everyone else happy and doing the right thing. Being perfect is not only difficult, but impossible. If that is what you are trying to accomplish, you will be disappointed. Let go of the need to be perfect and the feeling that yo need to control everything or else it won’t turn out right. You can’t control everything and trying to will get you no where and bring you a lot of unwanted stress. Happiness will only come to you once you accept both the bad and the good in life and let go of all the thoughts that don’t contribute to your happiness.

“You can’t control everything. Sometimes you just need to relax and have faith that things will work out. Let go a little and just let life be.”

“You cannot erase the past; you must let it go. You cannot change yesterday; you must accept the lessons learned.”


Have you ever noticed that the negative people are the one’s who always have bad stuff happen to them? I’m a strong believer that what ever you put out in to the world is what you get. If you walk around every day constantly complaining about everything that’s wrong in your life, it’s never going to get better and more negative things are going to happen. Think about it this way, if you are spending time dwelling on the bad, you are not spending time on trying to fix it. It’s a vicious cycle.

It’s very important to stay positive. Even when things aren’t going your way and it feels like there is nothing good to focus on, find something. Try to find the good in every situation and keep your head up. If you put out positive vibes into the world, positive things will happen. A positive attitude attracts a positive life and a positive life is a happy life. No one likes being around a miserable person except other miserable people. We all know that “misery loves company.” All negative thinking does is bring in more negativity. That’s why if you think positive, good things will happen.

Just like you can choose to be unhappy or happy, you can choose to be negative or positive. In fact, these are the sources of happiness and unhappiness. Negative people are not happy people. All they do is focus on the bad in their life. They never spend time enjoying the good things. There is no way this can be a happy life. People who prefer to be positive, live a much happier life. It’s hard not to get down when something bad happened in life but the key is to not dwell on it for to long. A positive thinker will acknowledge the problem then acknowledge the fact that it is not the end of the world and solve the problem or move on. Positivity can have a huge impact on the quality of one’s life. Always look on the bright side.

“Positive thoughts generate positive feelings and attract positive life experiences.”

“Every day may not be good but there is good in everyday.”